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Bionutritional Lawn Application

Increase your biology and increase your results


Your  soil is alive. In many parts of the country, soil horizons are crowned  with dark mineral rich top soil. Central Florida, on the other hand, has  hardly any. Due to the sandy soils, there is less biology in our soil.  Not having the dark biological rich top soils is problematic for having a  healthy, environmentally safe lawn.  The sandy soils contribute to  leaching products which translates into poor nutrient availability in  soil from applied fertilizers. Our applications help solve this problem.

At  Bioganic we recommend that all customers (except lawns that are over  grown as grass could clump and smother grass) mow their lawn without the  bag collecting the clippings. The Organic soil treatment in our  application will provide an inoculation rate of good biology that eats  and breaks down grass which is converted to Humus which is an additional  layer of soil rich in nutrients and biology. 

Almost  all soil tests taken in central Florida will have a low CEC (cation  exchange capacity) level on the soil test report due to our sandy soil.  CEC is a measurement of living biology in your soil. Biology converts  applied Nitrogen into a usable form of nitrogen called a nitrate. All  other nitrogen from the application stays in soil, or leaches away,  until converted to nitrates for plant use.

Our  applications increase your soil biology. Increased soil biology  translates into more efficient and healthier soil. Conversely, Synthetic  fertilizers from traditional companies or bags of weed and feed are  high in salts, chlorides, and formaldehydes all of which kill the needed  biology in your soil and decrease the efficiency of the application  with each spray on your lawn.

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