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Plants, Trees and Shrubs

BioNutritional Fertility, Insect and Disease Control

Our Fertility program starts with a BioNutrional soil treatment and foliar spray. This provides the needed fertility for a thriving landscape with bigger brighter blooms on flowering plants.


In Florida three predator insects dominate the market on damaging the beautiful plants around your landscape. Aphids, Scale, Mealy Bugs are all small in stature and unassuming. Left unchecked will cause decline and death to your homes ornamentals. Insect damage manifests after feeding has occurred usually on foliage. Leaves will appear to be folding or wilting, especially on new growth. Other damage can appear as spots on the leaves, chunks of the leaves are missing, even as over pronounced veins in leaf tissue.Damage tends to happen in new growth as this is the most tender and nutritious part of the plant. The dmaged leaves are unable to provide the plant with the needed nutrients it would have created for phototsynthesis. This will cause the plant to look weak or sparse.

Honey Dew or Sooty mold can attract wasps and hornets. Honey Dew a clear sticky substance is secreted after aphids, mealy bugs or scale have fed on you landscape. These insects do not need much of the sugar they ingest while feeding on your plants. The excess is excreted onto the plants in the form of a sticky clear film that will be a magnet for flying scavengers such as hornets and wasps. Many times this honey due is accompanied by Black Sooty Mold.

Black Sooty Mold will appear as a flaky black powder covering foliage, stems, and even rocks below the plant. Ridding your plants of insect pressure will elimate Honey dew Sooty mold and excessive hornets around your home. Lack of insect pressure will also produce a vibrant growth and beauty ain the plants around your home.

At Bioganic we will ensure your landscape is free of pests and disease and always provide the life giving fertility that makes a landscape beautiful.

Landscape Health Program

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